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For businesses, it is no longer a question of why you should market to mobile users, it is a question of how to reach this market that now occupies the biggest market share of internet users. Advertising for mobile is tricky, meaning that you need a strategy that will work for this population without annoying them. One such strategy is optimizing your websites and web applications for mobile phone users.

At Techno Bytes, we have built our reputation from helping enterprises and small businesses take advantage of the mobile market share. We study the market trends and design and build for our clients the powerful mobile applications that perform most of the functions that were only offered when clients visit your business premises. Our applications give users not just a reason to download them, but also enough purpose to use them on a daily basis. They improve production while at the same time saves costs which is a dream for every business owner.

When building mobile applications we take four important aspects into consideration. They are

Planning and Management

Our planning team recognizes the importance of tuning your business to cater for mobile users. These certified planning and management professionals will examine the operations of the business, the existing websites or web apps, and your goals and devise a strategy to build a mobile application that not only incorporates the integral parts, but also make them better. We examine mobile strategy, enterprise mobility and conduct mobile auditing for better performance.

UI/UX design

When creating the UI, our developersalways design them to achieve more with little input. We want our clients to access services easily, and we make highly interactive user interfaces to counter this need. Every aspect, from design to programming, is done by our certified professionals.


Our user-centric approach leads us to develop applications that anybody can use irrespective of the phones they have. We design and create apps for Android, iOS, and Windows. In addition, we also create cross-platform apps that can be accessed using any mobile device irrespective of its operating system.

We also provide specialist skills that we integrate in mobile applications to make them better and more personalized. They include; GIS mapping, wearable devices and iBeacons, among others.

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