Cloud Infrastructure and Services

Techno Bytes Consulting service helps service provider clients to shape their cloud offers and execution plans. In  particular, this offering helps them to accelerate their time to market with comprehensive roadmap and execution  plan.

​we knows what it takes to derive the best from investments in IT infrastructure. We leverage our in-depth industry  knowledge, best practices, technical expertise and Global Delivery Model to offer consultancy, design,  implementation, application hosting and Remote Infrastructure Management Services that matter. Techno Bytes  team of experienced highly skilled and certified engineers deliver integrated storage, server and network solutions  with services from concept and design through implementation and support.

We drive dramatic improvements in utilization across storage, servers, and networks – increasing overall agility and  aligning resources with your organizational goals. Our expertise spans throughout the data center, ensuring IT  strategies and tactics align perfectly with business needs.

  •   Cloud Computing
  •   Datacenter / Infrastructure
  •   Managed Hosting
  •   Information Security
  •   Business Process and Compliance
  •   Database Solutions
  •   virtualizing Mission Critical Business Applications
  •   ​Automation of infrastructure deployment